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16th-May-2006 01:23 am - You're Beautiful (Cedric/Hermione)
Title: You’re Beautiful
Author: hiphopmarmalade
Rating: G (K)
Pairing/Character: Cedric Diggory/Hermione Granger
Summary: Hermione thinks about Cedric Diggory
Warnings: Unrequited love
Word Count: 863
Notes: I don't own Harry Potter or the song "You’re Beautiful" by James Blunt. This was written fo7musicalmuses.
(You're Beautiful)
11th-May-2006 10:08 pm - Sweet Child o' Mine (Bill/Fleur)
Title: The Dream of an Angel (Sweet Child 'o Mine)
Author: secret_unlife
Rating: G
Pairing/Character: Bill/Fleur
Summary: And he remembered a dream he used to have as a child. A dream of an angel sitting in a field of flowers.
Word Count: 488
Warnings: Um... none?
Notes: I don't own them, JKR does. And I don't make profit from this. Written for 7musicalmuses

(The Dream of an Angel)
Title: Sweet Child O’ Mine
Author: hiphopmarmalade
Rating: G (K)
Pairing/Character: Cedric Diggory/Hermione Granger
Summary: Cedric thinks of Hermione right before going into the maze.
Warnings: AU- Cedric never dated Cho and Hermione was never with Viktor.
Word Count:  629
Notes: I don't own Harry Potter or the song "Sweet Child O’ Mine" by Guns N’ Roses. This was written for 7musicalmuses.
(Sweet Child O' Mine)
Title: Tuesday Morning
Author: deepwonderment
Rating: G (K)
Pairing/Character: Cedric Diggory/Hermione Granger
Summary: Hermione reflects on her relationship with the one and only Cedric Diggory after the final battle.
Warnings: AU- Cedric never died.
Word Count:  548
Notes: I don't own Harry Potter or the song "Tuesday Morning" by Michelle Branch. This was written for 7musicalmuses.

(Tuesday Morning)
Title: Since U Been Gone
Author: hiphopmarmalade
Rating: PG-13 (T)
Pairing/Character: Cedric Diggory/ Hermione Granger
Summary: During her 5th year Cho Chang reflects on what happened between her Cedric and a bushy haired Gryffindor
Warnings: Really mean angst filled Cho. AU. Swearing.
Word Count: 1,018
Notes: I don't own Harry Potter or the song "Since U Been Gone" by the amazing Kelly Clarkson.
Since U Been Gone
Title: She Will Be Loved
Author: deepwonderment
Rating: PG (K+}
Pairing/Character: Cedric Diggory/ Hermione Granger
Summary: Cedric watches Hermione’s life after his death
Word Count: 1,265
Warnings: AU- Cedric and Hermione were together during the events of Goblet of Fire. Also obvious Character Death.
Notes: I don’t own Harry Potter or “She Will be Loved by Maroon 5. Please feel free to read my other works. Pairings can be found in the side bar of safe_side

(She Will Be Loved)
Title: Dare You To Move
Author: HipHopMarmalade
Rating: PG (K+)
Word Count: 1,236
Pairing/Character: Cedric/Hermione
Summary: Set during the last task. It’s a series of flashbacks and current events during the Triwizard Tournament.
Warnings: Song fic. Character death.
Notes: Please assume that Cedric and Hermione have had a relationship since the train ride to Hogwarts. They went to the Yule Ball together. This was not beta read.  Written for 7musicalmuses (table). I do not own HP or the song “Dare You to Move” by Switchfoot.

(Dare You to Move)
20th-Feb-2006 12:45 am - Fic: In the Morning (Remus/Sirius)
Title:In the Morning
Rating:Hard R/NC-17
Summary:It's so easy to do when you're drunk, but what about the problems afterwards? (Prompt Set #1, Song #6)
Warnings:Boy sex but nongraphic boy sex.
Notes: I do not own JK Rowling's fabulous boys nor the wonderful prompt song by Jimmy Eat World.

In the MorningCollapse )
19th-Feb-2006 10:29 pm - Affiliating
If you would like to affiliate your community with 7musicalmuses, feel free to comment in this post. We'd be very happy to affiliate. Please only post, though, if you are the admin of the community.

This post will be checked at least once a day.

We're looking forward to affiliating with you. :)
19th-Feb-2006 10:07 pm - Where Do I Get The Songs?
Ok. This information is also listed in the FAQs, but as it might be easily overlooked there, I'm going to post it here as well.

If you don't know the song you're using in your story and you would like to listen to it, send an e-mail to 7musicalmuses@gmx.net requesting the songs you would like to have and I'll send them to you in mp3 format.
Please allow some time, though, because it takes a while to load them to the e-mails and multiple songs shall come in multiple e-mails, because I can only upload one song to one e-mail.

But do feel free to request. I'll be happy to send the songs to you.
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