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Playing it by ear...
mod post: moving to version 2 
1st-Jan-2007 01:17 pm
This community has been going on for a while and not too well. This has several reasons, but I'm not going to elaborate on those. It's mostly modding problems, I guess.

Now, seeing that my co-mod is permanently MIA now, I'm left to mod 7musicalmuses alone and I've decided that there will be a major change, one which I personally am looking forward to a lot. :)

There will be a 7musicalmuses Version 2 soon. It will be multi fandom and hopefully will prosper and grow then.

Song themes will be added and also a completely new comm will be built up under the new name. I will of course post a note and link here once it is up and running.

Now, those who have already claimed and posted here must not fear. All the existing Harry Potter claims from this comm will be taken over. I must, though, ask you to re-post your fics at the new comm.

Anyway, until then, I say goodbye and happy new year, to everyone and I'll try to get the new comm up as soon as possible.

Signing out,

1st-Jan-2007 08:58 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I know. I think the mere idea of songfics scares away a lot of people. Anyway, my other two multi fandom comms are going great and since I'm the only mod at the moment it's my decision. And more sons will come. I'm half way through re-posting the old ones at the new comm. The rest will be done later.
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